Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is done on the floor with a mat, the client wears comfortable clothes that permit movement. The therapist uses his foot, knees, and hand to perform stretches, acupressure, and mobilization


It is a millenary technique originally from India 6000 years ago. The founder was Shivago Komarpag medical doctor of the Buda 2500 years ago

Shivado combined traditional Chinese medicine, principles of Ayurveda, and Thai massage. Thai massage nowadays is a synthesis of different traditions

There are two types of styles in Thailand North and South,I will explain differences and similarities



Both styles have recognized the influence of Dr Shivado the most influent person in the practice and development of Thai Massage

They start by praying and the therapist thanks to the client for coming to his office and wish a successful treatment for both types in the Buddhism religion

Both are done on a mat and fully clothes, It is not used oils and the therapist work with the weight of his body

It has a holistic approach and works the whole body. Normally the session last 90min



North style has more influence on India. The sequence of massage have more stretches and manipulation with the purpose of deep relaxation so the client entries in a meditative state

The city most well know for North Style in Chiang Mai and the most antique school is the Old Medicine Hospital

South style is based on acupressure point like the Chinese acupuncture medicine and it is more work based on the sen lines

The most important city for South Style is Bangkok and the most recognize School is Wat Po

I studied Thai Massage in Chiang Mai it was a great experience for me to go there and study and meet the Thai Culture

I hope you enjoyed my article.See you on the mat







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