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Relaxing Massage


Relaxing Massage

Without a doubt a relaxing massage is an ideal complement for body and mind, It is very important for a style of natural healthy style. But why do not receive a massage more often?

The majority of people think is a whim that costs money and takes us time, if you have decided to receive a relaxing massage you can go to Spa in Valencia go to a freelance masseur or get it at your home

On this article, I am going to write the benefits of a relaxing massage

Reduce the stress


One of the best ways to know that the stress is gone is that night you sleep like a baby

Improve circulation

By relaxing the muscles there is an improvement of the blood circulation of the body it has numerous positive effects, reduce mental and body fatigue



Eliminate toxins


Trough the massage there is the improvement of the linfatic system and the toxins are eliminated through the urine

It is very common that the client tells you that has gone to the toilet more regularly than before very good signal




Celulitis tends to acumulate on legs,glutes and hips

A massage helps to mobilize the fat in the body and combine with a proper diet and sports have great results



Improve flexibility


Massages improve your range of motion a good example is when you cannot move the neck because you have not to sleep on the right position, bad posture and tension when you get a massage the neck has better movement and reduces the pain



Improve your immune system


Scientific studies have proved that receiving massage boost your immune system on the article of the University of Emory in Atlanta it analyzed the biologic effect of getting a frequent massage. Investigator found that healthy people improved their endocrine system




By having bad posture for long periods of time a massage and stretches can help the body to reposition itself



Improve your sports performance

A relaxing massage before competition helps the athletic to relax and improve his concentration











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