Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage applies firm pressure slow and deep strokes to reach the deepest layers of the muscle

It is used for people who like a strong massage and goes very well to alleviate pain, lack of mobility or people who

adopted bad postures

The massage starts with a soft pressure to warm up the muscles and step by step increases the amount of pressure

During the massage the therapist uses hands, elbows, and forearms to reach the knots it is recommended to inhale and exhales when the trigger points are reached

After the massage, you might feel sore, but it should not last more than two days. It is important to drink enough water after the session

If you feel that that pressure is too much please let me know, painful massages do not mean is good or effective and the body can tense up


Differences between relaxing massage and deep tissue massage


Relaxing massage the pressure is less and the finality is that clients leave the office relaxed


Deep tissue massage is made for people who have muscular issues and want to alleviate the pain



Relaxing massage usually is a full body massage vs a deep tissue massage is done for a specific problem in the body and does not cover the full body

For example, if you have a neck problem the 60min massage is concentrated in the upper body region like back, neck, and skull


Deep tissue massage is done with a little bit of oil so you can get deeper in the muscles vs a relaxing massage uses more oil so it can be more superficial and relaxing


Relaxing massage courses are most of the time the first step when you want to start in the massage business, deep tissue training is more specialized in anatomy, injuries, and therapeutic massage












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